Lat two days were simple saw the school play, Hung out with Junior and his friend and bought a soccer ball. Tomorrow i may go record or go see some comedy show thing not to sure yet…


Lat two days have been nice even though i spent them mostly at home. Junior and I have been writing raps and ive also been doing songs. Ive literallly spent all my spare time writing shit and now fully understand that i just feel much more then the average person which is a gift and a curse. Because of this when im happy im extremely happy. Howver when i am down this also esaclates because of this feeling “ability” is what i am going to call it. Anyway i signed up for a ping pong tournament and have other things planned for the future coming up.


So since that one day of climbing things have been good. Today i got lunch with laura read some of my new book got a tripod and sound recorder so i can record things with reasonable quiality without having to buy an expensive camera. I then played ping pong and i may go climbing again right now after i write this. Over the weekend i went to the blur mountains but this time to a place called the sassafras gully which was pretty cool. Another day i went to the bar with Luca and junior which also was pretty fun. mmmm what else… it feels as if i am forgetting something…. i also had an interview thing on thursday in this studio which was really nice and the dued looked like charlie from californiacation. I think that all i did along with my sual lesiure activities.

Til next time :)


So its the middle of the day and my classes were cancelled because of some protest or something. But i still met up with  my group and discussed what we have to do for our interview tomorrow and had a nice walk back with felipe. Yesterday i did nothing because it was little pouring so hard. The day before it was also puring but i decided to get soaked and did while i walked to go clmbing which was nice and had a couple beers at the bar after and got the leader to agree to take me on a possble ice trip.


Hola, so to start i wish that i was better an updating this because when i dont do it i feel as if i miss writing some shit down here and there. But my attempt to recap since the 7th…here it goes.

Hola so that thursday after i know i went to club ivy which was alright since it was the free day it got really crowded and i left with this random german chick thats in my class even though i didnt come with her. on that saturday i went to see luna park with this girl which was okay she was really quiet but it was still nice even though the firework didnt come on. I dont believe i did anything that sunday. On monday i went to mahjong and ping pong and then to chess and and felt as if i increased my asian culture quite a bit that day. On tuesday i did my beggining capeiora class which was nice not sure if i did anything else. Wednesday i had class and im pretty sure i played more ping ping briefly then went to this poetry reading thing, and the esac thing at the same time which was nice but i was to scared to perform. Thursday uh.. class again then met with my aiesec advisor to help me get ready for taiwan which, im going to go pick a program once im done with this and email them and after went to network cafe and had dinner with some people after. Friday i just had class and was supposed to work for luca but his phone broke so i ended up just staying home. Saturday i had another capoeria class and then went to this anime band thing which was pretty awesome the band only played covers but they played them much better than i thought they were going to. Now it is sunday i just joined a couple activities like hikes and climbing and shit which should be fun. I just finished the homework due tonight and im going to go make tacos. 


Yesterday was nice. I just went to class then to the network cafe thang then hung out with some friends and talked and what not. I have have friday class which kinda sucks but what can ya do. About to go there and may or may not go to a winterfest thing this friday.


So its actually the 6th but its really early so im not counting it quite yet. The last week has again been really nice and the time is passing so easily, a little belle and sebastian there. Two days roomates and I made really nice dinner one day was taco’s and another this pork thing luca made which was delicious. I went to the fish market as well and planed on making sushi yesterday but got sidetracked at the loft with some french and italians and we got some boxes of wine and hung out and just talked which was really fun. I also went climbing the other day at the ledge which is like an indoor place which was also great and definately want to start getting better at it. This week should be fun i have class today at 12 which is in like 6 hours and then ill either hang out with somone or go to this backpackers party thing im not to sure yet which makes me stragnely happy. Overall so far im really happy since i got here ive made quite a few aquantainces and im  living freely while staying true to myself. On this lovely morning im going to go now sit on my balcony and write something :)

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So the last 10 days or so have been very bisy in a great way. Ill try to list off the things i did hopefully i dont gorget anything. I went to the museum of contempary art one day which was cool then headed on over to see the bridge and payed a little to go to the lookout which was really really nice. Another day i did the Coogee to bondi walk which was like 7km and was also beautiful and plan on going to the beach much more as it warms up. Another day i went on a free tour and went to the botanical gardens and got a ton of free food for lunch and saw the opera house and walked around circular key. Yesterday i went to the blue mountains and the weather was perfect especially since it was the day after it rained and was beutiful. I may put pictures here but i may be to lazy and keep them to myself. On saturday i went on a party bus and celebrated christmas in july, cause thats a thing in Australia and it was awesome with santa dj’s and with some xmas songs here and there going from bar to bar and getting free drinks. Another day went to the schools international cocktail party which was kinda short but fun and went to the bar with some people afterword. Lastly ate dinner with this some people at this really nice korean resturant, the food was really well cooked but the dishes we got were okay, i enjoyed myself nonetheless.

Another day i went to club ivy since its famous and it was free on thursday but it was kinda crowded so i left early.

Today had my first day of class, met this random french girl who was really nice and we fixed out schedules together. Now im at home writing this and am just going to relax after a long week and a half :).


So last couple days were really nice. I met some people at this coffee thing at just talked about coming here and all that basic stuff. Next day I walked around in chinatown by myself and got my id card and then at night i went to this throwback music thing at the shelbourne hotel with a couple people i met got really drunk and danced my ass off which was awesome, and kinda proud that i started the dance floor :).