So the last 10 days or so have been very bisy in a great way. Ill try to list off the things i did hopefully i dont gorget anything. I went to the museum of contempary art one day which was cool then headed on over to see the bridge and payed a little to go to the lookout which was really really nice. Another day i did the Coogee to bondi walk which was like 7km and was also beautiful and plan on going to the beach much more as it warms up. Another day i went on a free tour and went to the botanical gardens and got a ton of free food for lunch and saw the opera house and walked around circular key. Yesterday i went to the blue mountains and the weather was perfect especially since it was the day after it rained and was beutiful. I may put pictures here but i may be to lazy and keep them to myself. On saturday i went on a party bus and celebrated christmas in july, cause thats a thing in Australia and it was awesome with santa dj’s and with some xmas songs here and there going from bar to bar and getting free drinks. Another day went to the schools international cocktail party which was kinda short but fun and went to the bar with some people afterword. Lastly ate dinner with this some people at this really nice korean resturant, the food was really well cooked but the dishes we got were okay, i enjoyed myself nonetheless.

Another day i went to club ivy since its famous and it was free on thursday but it was kinda crowded so i left early.

Today had my first day of class, met this random french girl who was really nice and we fixed out schedules together. Now im at home writing this and am just going to relax after a long week and a half :).


So last couple days were really nice. I met some people at this coffee thing at just talked about coming here and all that basic stuff. Next day I walked around in chinatown by myself and got my id card and then at night i went to this throwback music thing at the shelbourne hotel with a couple people i met got really drunk and danced my ass off which was awesome, and kinda proud that i started the dance floor :).



So the last week and a half has been great. During the last week at home i went to a party were i danced with langston and jumped in the pool. I also saw mac demarco with ryan and sareen which was pretty fun.

Now i am in Australia that flight was shitty especially because i couldnt sleep but now i am here. For the first day i set up all the essentials like my bank, phone, and got my apartment keys from the leasing office.I also went to this Chinese friendship garden which was really beautiful and may put pictures up. Then i just walked around and got to the now the local neighborhood better. At night my italian roommate had a couple friends over and we got drunk and ate dinner which was a nice way to end the day. Today im going to go to this coffee get together and then see an art show.

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So the last 2 weeks or so have been really nice. I went to Cabo for 5 days with the family which was cool we went parasailing, jetskiing, snokrkeling and all that jazz. The other day i went ice blocking and got dollar hot dogs, another day i set off fireworks in the gulf course. Yesterday for fourth of july Tadeh, Jordan and I party hoped from Ethans friends house, to Rachaels, and eventually ended up at ryans were we got drunk and danced for hours. Finished the boo Museum of Innocence and Life of pie which were both pretty good the museum of innocence was better. UHmm other than that i jsut been hanging out with the peeps i saw another dodger game with Leah and Tim and playing basketball at the Gym.

9 days until Australia!!!


Last week has been swell. I went to santa cruz to visit jordan which was cool then went to san francisco and partied. On another note tommorow [is my birthday woo! I flew to cabo today and will be here until sunday.


Today i went to a dodger game with tadeh. Yesterday i hung out with brian and watched some soccer. Last couple days ive been going to the gym at like 4 in the morning today i think im gonna take off. Saw the kings win the stanley cup at barneys beanery. Did i do anything else signifigant? i cant remember at the moment.


Last couple days have been swell. One day i went to angads suprise party which was alright, another i went surfing at the beach. Today i drove and watched the kings game with leah and tim and at some sports bar i think it was barneys beanery then hung out with michael chung and them. 


Today was nice. I read a lot, watched game 2 of the finals and won 15 dollars cause i bet on it. Then went to the gym and played basketball after came back ate dinner and proceeded to practice guitar and bass.


The last week has been swell. One day i played basketball, a couple pick up games, saw Malificient (not all of it) with langston and ryan. And went to huntington beach to watch brian and tadeh play like a halfa show. I tanned for like two days for awhile each day as well and now that i should really layer some sunscreen on. I apologize for the lack of flow to these sentences since i am trying to recall everything. Shoutout to leah since it is her birthday. Going to Australia in like amonth which will be awesome.