Last couple days have been awesome. Two days ago i got some chinese and jamed all day. Yesterday i saw foxygen, today i had a special lunch with tim and then filmed a video project then had a really fun  video class and got accepted for abroad study. tomorrow i have a date which should be fun, who knows well see. 


Yesterday and today were cool, nothing to special. Yesterday i went to my classes and then hung out with leah and went to joes for some food were i decided that im gonna start blogging and writing baout different albums and food and shit. Today with my day off i went to wagners office hours and then jamed with Ryan all day then came home and watched the dodger game.


So the last couple days have been great. I had a bonfire which was pretty swell. I also bought a bass which is pretty sick.  Drank and all that schutff during the weekend. im to  comfy to write details. 


What have i done in the last couple days? Well, i went to this sushi restaurant which was pretty good. We kicked butt in our intramural game with only 4 people and against a team of dudes. My journalism class may just be the most challenging class ive taken so ive been going hardcore on that. I also finished the book fractions of the whole which is rreally good and would recommend it. Today im gonna try going to the city then get drunk at night.


Last couple days have been swell. Thurdays i went on a date with myself and walked around the city till the sunset which was really nice. On friday i went to juans and celebrated his birthday. On saturday i spend the day with jordan and his friends that came up which was nice we went to dolores all day. Yesterday i went on the boat with Corrine, Kerry, and Tim were we all kind of fell in especially kerry. After we went back and just chilled watched jurrasic park and then i had my intramural game which we actually won. On another note its may sounnd kinda depressing but i cant seem to enjoy someone company for more than a couple hours recently id rather go somewhere by myself. 


Last couple days have been whatever. Yesterday i did some production stuff for my class which turned out funnier than i thought it would. Tonight i think im going to celebrate juans birthday which should be cool.


Today was uneventful cause of the run all i did was go to my teachers office hours. Other than that though the last day of spring break we had a party in langston mom studio which was pretty cool and ive been reading this really good buck fractions of a whole. Also the other day corrine, time and catia and i went to thee forts by the bridge and got burritos which was pretty nice, the coast is beautiful. Also going out the sunroof on the way down the mountain was awesome.

love dis shit

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So the last week or however long its been has been pretty awesome. Went to burgerrama which was awesome for 2 days which was pretty tiring but i really enjoyed it saw a bunch of people like mac demarco, together pangea, shannon and the clams and many more. Yesterday saw the the grand budapest hotel for free cause langston works at the arclight and then went to olivers after got really drunk and played risk.