One day i met up with my roadtrip crew and hung out for awhile and got some drinks. I bought a nice little camera with my casino winning and went to the beach and took some cute pictures as well. About to go to class.

Michael Cera - Clay Pigeons


So had class which is all i did the first days since my last entry and it took a lot of me cause i was on break for 2 weeks. Today i walked around got lost and eventually went to centinatial park by myself and sat under a tree and read and wrote all day then came home and made it into a song.


Today was great. Worked on my assignment all day with corrine and have to continue tomorrow. So bored by myslef so went to the casino and won 1,000 dollars with my psychic ability bitches.

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The last three days have been great. I felt after being out for a number of days in a row to a home body for a little so i have done so. Today was juniors birthday i worked on some assignments that are due and talked with so to ro for a couple hours and really connected with him and since junior like to smoke smokes a good amount of weed. Yesterday i went and saw gurdians of the galaxy which was pretty good, the famous album they had wasnt to bad. The day before that uh mmm yeah i forget.

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So i took that trip to manly and it was nice. i didnt like how the waiter treated so i stole a beer. The day after i went to art museums with rita and karina which was cool. Today i went and replaced my ID and did my bank shit played some basketball and ordered some pizza with neetesh and talked on skype for awhile. Also i havent been sharing songs lately so im gonna do that.